All roads lead to the same end.”

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Cute spring outfits from MAOMAOHOME


"I've had some practice."

the right hand 

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cg-games replied to your photo “today has been a v long day”

Sounds like your having a shitty time of it :( but your hair colour looks rad :)

i am on the mend now, so will hopefully be feeling loads better soon n_n! and thank you c:. it’s my pride and joy haha. 

today has been a v long day

today has been a v long day

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Uncharted - What does that mean????? ? ?? ?

you couldn’t take them totally seriously.”

I know this question is weird xD but which face mask do you use?

not weird at all! haha but i use this c:. it’s basically a wash and a mask in one. i probably use it as a mask every other day maybeee? 

i also use a few face scrubs from lush. even though that might be a bit irrelevant 


connor is awful i mean how dare he care about his village, strive for equality and justice, help strangers start better lives for themselves, volunteer to crossdress, pet stray animals on the street, respect women, have a humble disposition, regain his hope and determination after everything he was put through, and be a positive representation of an indigenous character. so awful

She’s not breathing…

video game meme → [1/5] heartbreaking scenes/moments → “smoking mirror” ending

The wall between life and death…it is so thin

It’s protectors so few